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Closed loop wallet system
for the unbanked Filipino

OKTO Loyalty

Give your user the perks they deserve
and get to offer your promotion
through our marketplace


Help organize your business with
our easy to use inventory system


Customize the solution you need with our available modules

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User Management

Create, track, manage and assign users to your business solution.

Attendance Module

Create and track a person’s punctuality through an online system based on your company’s attendance policies.

Perfect for small to large companies, schools, clubs and more. Fully integratable as an app or as a hardware + software solution.

Cashless Payment

Provide cashless transactions within your own closed loop or with our existing closed loop ecosystems. Provide a faster solution for your concessionaires, members, students and more.

Food and Beverage System

Give your users an easier way to order food and automate food and beverage order acceptance, tracking and fulfillment.

A perfect for cafes, dormitories, internet cafe hybrids and other establishments.

Reservation Module

Accept reservations through an online platform or through an app. Customize what you are offering, from a table at a restaurant, a ktv room or even an event venue.

Reports and Analytics

Get the right reports and analytics for your business, customize reports with visual representations, counters and custom entries.

Get reports on your sales, fulfillments, user acquisition, engagements and others.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory through a fast, customizable and reliable cloud solution by OKTO.

Cashier Module

Take your cashiers to the next level with a smart and customizable solution built for your growing business.

Fully Customizable CMS

Every OKTO solution comes with it own customizable CMS to help you take control of all the options, content and images you want to use for your OKTO system.

NFC Cards and Hardware

OKTO gives you the option to utilize NFC enabled devices, turnstiles, handhelds, cards and wearables together with your OKTO system.

Content Creation Module

Easily create and publish blogs and articles and other content pieces on your OKTO system.

Custom Campaign Creator

Create customizable campaigns to reward your members when they engage, purchase or for special events.



  • Customizable Technology

  • Easy Integration

  • Fraction of a cost from developing your own

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